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Garderie Ciel Bleu has been in the hearts of families since 1991. Garderie Ciel Bleu offer a professionnal service where parents can leave their children without worrying for their safety and well being. Safety, affection and a strong learning environment help prepare our children for their future in school. Our daycare also takes pride in its multicultural makeup and bilingualism.

Some places available

for 3-4 years

Why Choose Garderie Ciel Bleu

  • 30 years of raising and loving pre-school children
  • 6 out of 7 of our educators have a diploma and are certified in Early Childhood Education.
  • A spacious backyard for the children to run and play including a huge entertainment module!
  • An educational program that prepare our children for kindergarten and is bilingual.
  • **When visiting any daycare, please verify these points. If they do not meet these 4 important points, then ask why?**

    What's new?

    We have a big announcement to make !! After 19 months of not being able to enter the daycare given the situation with Covid19, we announce that fas of MONDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2021
    3 PARENTS at the same time will be able to return to the daycare but only in the the changing rooms. You will be able to undress your children and the educator in front will bring them to their respective classes afterwards. 
    For the afternoon pick-up, it will be the same as in the morning .... The educator will bring your child to the locker area for you. We ask you to do everything as quickly as possible to avoid a back-up of several parents who are waiting outside, especially during winter weather. If you have any questions to ask the educator, please do as soon as possible or call the daycare during the nap (12:15 to 2:30 p.m.). Wearing a mask is ALWAYS MANDATORY and the MAXIMUM number of parents on the stairs waiting is still 3. So 3 parents inside and 3 in the stairwell. 
    We are hoping to return to full normalcy in early 2022. Thank you so much for your understanding. 


    Karate courses every Monday for the 4 yr old groups.




    Our hours of operation are from 6:30am to 6:00pm
    from Monday to Friday.